Cross-sector, public-private partnerships are essential to building a culture of preventive health. Healthy Detroit is proud to be partners with the City of Detroit through a number of initiatives. Through its partnership with the Parks & Recreation Department, Healthy Detroit is able to serve as a valuable tool in pushing our collective mission of building a culture of primary prevention in the city of Detroit. Specifically, by entering into these formal public-private partnerships, it provides an innovative template that is able to do the following:

  1. Provide a mechanism for private funders to make substantial investments in long-lasting innovative health initiatives.
  2. Develop and lead innovative public health initiatives that government is typically not well-positioned to develop.
  3. Provide a tool for city government that is more nimble and flexible.
  4. Enable the private sector to become the strategic partners of city government.
  5. Provide a template for more effective community-based interventions.
  6. Create a more effective "social movement" around building a culture of primary prevention.